• Incentives for increasing soil organic matter

    Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Rehman, May 19, 2017. Hi guys, I've been a wildlife lover all my life, and a farmer for none of it. It's fairly obvious to me when exploring the countryside, and researching online, that agriculture in the Pakistan has had a lot of un-intentional harmful effects on the habitats outside of the farmed environment. Some of the main problems that come to mind are nutrients leaching into water courses and flooding caused by run-off. Through reading books, articles, websites and a lot of posts on here soil organic matter seems to be the answer, with nutrient retention, water infiltration and water storage increasing with soil organic matter. Other positive aspects of increasing soil OM could be reduced soil erosion (which would lead to reduced siltation of streams and rivers as well as reducing phosphate pollution), and possibly a reduction in fertilizer usage due to healthier soils, decreasing the Nitrous oxide emissions of Pakistan agriculture as a whole. My question to the forum is: what do you think would be the best way to encourage Pakistani farmers to try and increase their soil organic matter? is education enough? are subsidies the answer? are current subsidies maybe supporting unsustainable practices that have reduced soil organic matter through history? I'm all ears! Thanks in advance, Rehman

  • Why we need Agriculture in Pakistan?

    Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by Ebad, February 2, 2017. Hello all, I am a geologist and I am looking for relevant points regarding the topic “Agriculture in Pakistan”. Pakistan, after coming into existence in 1947, has survived many natural calamities like floods, earth quakes, and drought and so on. One of many professions which has prospered from that time to the present day is to cultivate the crops. With the rapid change of the picture to industrialization and investments from multinational companies the standard of living has been improved in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan but this has a detrimental affect towards the agriculture. I would like to ask the question from the forum is: what is the main reason of having agriculture in Pakistan? The role of agriculture in GDP? Are there sufficient lands/soil to produce crops and to flourish fields? Thanks, Ebad.